About me

Mohamed Hiber, young talented international soloist violonist

Photo credit : © L.d’Aboville

In my home city, Pantin near Paris Philharmonie (France)

Since 2020, I have had the chance to be chosen by Anne-Sophie Mutter to be one of the 8 scholarship holders of her foundation.

I have also been playing for the past ten years as first violin and then as Konzertmeister in the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra at the request of its conductor Daniel Barenboim.

In parallel, I have been part of the great professor and violinist Ana Chumachenco’s class, first in Madrid at the Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía and then at the Munich Hochschule für Musik where I graduated with a master degree.

Mohamed Hiber with Anne-Sophie mutter at the Auuditorium Sony, in Madrid

With Anne-Sophie Mutter in Madrid

Mohamed Hiber in rehearsal with Anne-Sophie Mutter and Daniel Barenboim

In rehearsal with Daniel Barenboim and Anne-Sophie Mutter, in Buenos Aires
Photo credit: ©Manuel Vaca

My instruments

My violin

I currently play one of the most outstanding  violins by the great Giovanni Battista Guadagnini (the « ex Lidka », Turin, 1780). Facilitated by Stephan Jansen, this instrument is a generous loan from an anonymous member of the Stretton Society.

My two bows

I am playing two different bows also loaned to me by the Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation. Both bows are made by the French bow maker, Benoit Rolland.